Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dining Companions - Delzad

Dining Companions – Delzad Avari

When you’re eating, 3 things are important for you to really enjoy yourself

1. Good Food
2. Good Alcohol
3. Good Company

Company is as important as the food, because you always enjoy food when you’re with someone fun

With that in mind, I’ve decided to come up with a profile of some of my favorite dining companions, and I’m starting with the best of them all.

Delzad Avari is currently training to be a cordon bleu chef in London, he used to work at the Taj and before that at Tetsuma which makes him the best dining companion a foodie could ask for.

Not only does he talk almost exclusively about food (the other things we talk about are booze and girls) but he knows the best places to eat AND if you tell him what you like to eat, he will suggest the perfect dish to suit your tastes.

Apart from being a good cook, he also happens to be excellent company, his stories of what really goes on in a 5 star kitchen may not always be true but they are always funny. He’s also really bitchy about people I don’t like, so our meals together are never boring.

Apart from disliking the same people we share a passion for steak, wine, old monk and making fun of stupid people.

We have a ritual, every month or so we go to China Gate Global Fusion and have the buffet there (which is totally awesome but that’s a story for another blog)

We start at 12:30 PM as soon as their doors open, we head to the starters and go crazy (again, will be described in detail when I do the review)

At about 1:30 PM after drinking copious amounts of green tea to help digest the starters we go in for the second round.

This time we attack all the starters we haven’t previously tried and Delzad makes me eat Sushi (I HATE fish) and introduces me to some obscure seafood I’m (hopefully) not allergic too. It’s at his prompting that I’ve eaten and fallen in love with Sushi and Whitebait Roe.

This course takes a little longer; by about 3 we’re ready for the next course, the main course.

Now the main course at global fusion’s nothing great so we just grab noodles and crab (Delzad not me, I’m allergic) and binge on the starters or dim sum again.

Like I said this doesn’t take too much time so we’re done by 3:30 PM and that’s when we attack their dessert, paying no attention to the scandalized servers who keep telling us that they close at 4.

We then leave at 4:30 PM with full stomachs and happy memories.

There are very few people I can spend 4 hours with without getting bored.

So thank you Delu! Come back soon, Global Fusion misses us!


  1. heyyyy ro I love this blog haha this is 100% true, aahh good times

    we shall have a gr8 time 1ce m bak

    cheers x

  2. Fantastic .... no other words can describe this !!

  3. awww..... how sweet :)

  4. I'm so glad you guys like it! Now we have to force him to cook for us!!