Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dining Companions - Bhavs

A very wise lady once told me that

“The best way to cook is to use the best, freshest ingredients and understand the way they behave, the way they taste, use all five senses at all times and make sure you add plenty of love” And then she told me this how every mother cooks.

Meet Bhavini Merchant, the youngest old lady in the world, also the reason I started eating vegetarian food (however rarely) and am now in love with cherry tomatoes, green peppers, asparagus and buffalo mozzarella. I love them for the colour, the texture and the taste that they bring to my boring (joke) non vegetarian meals

She’s not a dining companion in the sense that we don’t go out much. But I still have the fondest memory of the awesome snacks her mother used to make for all of us when we had our “meetings” These often lasted till 3 AM and one of the reasons we kept coming back (apart from the gossip) was the food! Just remembering that fantastic cheese toast (more like pizza on bread) makes me drool.

Whenever I make fun of her for being vegetarian and missing out on the finer things in life (like steak) she always reminds me that I have NEVER eaten anything bad in her house.

She’s also a fantastic hostess, always circulating, always taking care of her guests and best of all always smiling ,she also happens to give the best advice in the world, even if the advice is sometimes less palatable than the food, which is how we know it’s good advice

She’s your one stop solution for good food, good advice and (best of all) good advice about food.

Thank you for the memories, the advice and the food

Cheese Toast


Boiled Potatoes


Make a dough with the above ingredients
Apply it to lightly toasted bread
Serve hot


  1. Give us proportions! Adding to taste is one thing, but gotta have something to go by! But sounds yum. Add sesame on top. :D

  2. Sorry, that's the way I got it, you can use your judgment for the quantities right?