Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dining Companions - Bro

Dining Companions – Siddharth Bafna

Sid Bafna has been one of my best friends throughout my college years, and he is one of the few vegetarians I have fun eating with.

I still have the fondest memories of the super chana at his house, he has taken me to places I never thought I would ever get good food at, but I’ve always eaten well.

Through our college years we went through all the seedy places Churchgate had to offer. We gorged at places like Satkar, Mocha (when I had enough money) the canteen at the international students hostel, the university canteen and we were once nearly thrown out of New Yorkers (long story)

We were also nearly thrown out of Mama Mia once but that was my fault (longer story and involves French fries)

Siddharth also introduced me to Five Spice, a super Chinese restaurant in Fort where we ate almost every week.

Sid and Mohena gave my granddad a super birthday present when we all went out for lunch to Out of the blue for his birthday, he had so much fun he still talks about it.

We’ve also had many happy times at restaurants all over Mumbai and we’ve had great fun!

Some of Siddhath’s suggestions for places which serve good vegetarian food are

Voleare Colaba – super Greek Food and Pizza’s

Swati Snacks – almost everything on their menu is awesome

China Garden (Kemps Corner) great Chinese food

Joss – the best khausway in Bombay

Babulnath Dosa wala- Dosa’s (duh) and pani puri

Society (Ambassador Hotel) – The best fondue in the city

We’ve had brilliant parties at my house which were organized in 5 minutes with Sid ordering the food and picking up the booze on his way from town.

Here’s looking forward to many more!

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