Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Party Tips - Be a good guest

The last post had my tips for throwing a good party, this one has tips for being a good guest at someone else’s party.

Of course how you behave at a party depends on how well you know the person but there are some general do’s and don’ts

Please Note: I have not always been anyone’s idea of the ideal guest and at some point or the other done most of things I've said not to do.

I realize that and I’m trying to improve.

Ok I lied about the second part. I just don’t want to be accused of hypocrisy.

  1. When someone invites you to a party it’s REALLY rude to ask who else is coming, you are going because you like the host/hostess/food/free booze/whatever. Asking is always a little insulting. You’re bound to meet people you know there and if you don’t it isn't really hard to make friends
  2. If you are lucky(?) enough to have a significant other who isn't invited then please don’t force the issue. Couples who refuse to go anywhere without their better halves are a bore in my opinion. (This might cause a few problems)
  3. Always carry something, if only a bottle of wine. If you don’t drink (or your host doesn't  get juice or chocolate.
  4. One hour after the invite time is the acceptable time for coming for a party. Two hours later is NOT and if you are going to be late then at least have the decency to claim that work delayed you.
  5. Having reached the party don’t stick to the host. They will have a million things to do so let them do it. They will introduce you to a group of (hopefully) like minded people/mutual friends.
  6. Don’t hog the conversation. Let it flow (guilty)
  8. If you must hit on people at parties, please have the decency to do it well and with SUBTLETY (I name no names) And for god's sake stop if its clear your attentions are unwelcome.
  9. While you may or may not “hook up” at a party it is a really sad reason for going to a party. *Instantly loses half my guest list*
  10. PDA at parties with hook up/ significant other are generally frowned upon at houses which do not belong to me. Get a room for god’s sake
  11. Here is where I might get accused of hypocrisy. Don’t get drunk and don’t make a scene. Parties are meant to be fun and if you’re lying on the floor passed out (without someone next to you) you can’t really have fun. You probably won’t remember it the next day anyway.
Parties are for meeting people you miss and having fun. There's no need to get drunk and act stupid.


  1. 2010- 2011 New Year's in Pune. You violated all these rules.